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Born at the Right Time


Thank you for visiting my little island on the world-wide web.

Most people call me Rachel, Nurse or Mrs Wright but three special boys get to call me mum. In 2005, my eldest was born with a bump. He didn’t breathe on delivery and was diagnosed ten weeks later with having severe brain damage.

From then, my husband and I hurtled down an unmarked road of loving a child with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Today I use my memories, experiences and skills to support families like mine and inform the practitioners who care for us.


Find out more about my life being a mum to three lovely boys, one of whom has severe and complex disabilities.


As a nurse and parent, I am well placed to develop and deliver training for practitioners who care for families of children with complex disabilities.

Speaking Events

Speaking Events

I’ve always been a talker and strongly believe in the power of story-telling. Being real and honest about the joys and challenges for parenting a child with complex disabilities can have a profound impact.

The Skies I'm Under book


My book, The Skies I’m Under, is a raw and honest account of becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities.



I discovered a love for writing when I realised it was just like talking but without the interruptions.


Find out when my latest speaking and training events are coming up.

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“Rachel produces fantastic resources, all fully referenced and evidence based yet accessible and powerful”

Sarah Clayton, CEO, Simple Stuff Works

“Rachel’s presentation on our End of Life training day gave a true, open and honest insight into the journey of a parent of a child with a life limiting condition.”

Janettes Kerry, Educational Manager, East Anglian Children's Hospice

“Rachel’s dedication and enthusiasm for her work is infectious. She speaks from the heart and is a true advocate for families and their children. It is a pleasure to work with her”

Anna Waugh, MD, Simple Stuff Works