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About me

I live in Southend with my husband, Tim, and our three sons.

I pass my time by loving wonderful boys, doing laundry, picking up Lego (and other items) off the floor, having tea with my mum and Doreen. Beyond my family, I keep myself busy by writing stuff, talking at events, leading workshops and training professionals. I mostly try to do too much in not enough time and I’m constantly trying to reset the balance.

My love for salt and vinegar crisps with hummus makes me regularly hit the pavement wearing trainers to run off some calories. I strongly believe a good evening involves gin and a good book or film which makes me cry (for happy reasons). To recharge and escape, Tim and I take it in turns to care for little people so one of us can spend time in a woodland in Kent, chopping things up and watching them burn.

I love hearing people’s stories and encouraging others with my own family’s story; either by talking to individuals, large groups, or through my blog. My book – The Skies I’m Under, tells my story of becoming a mum, living with disability and living a different kind of normal. It is available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon and other ebook retailers. Find out more on the Book page. Tim and I have a new devotional book coming out in Spring 2019 called Shattered.

 I cry often, smile more and deliberately carve gratitude into my every day.