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Cast your vote, but it won’t change tomorrow

#vote2017 The snap General election, geared at making our nation more stable and stronger for the future, is here.  For the third time in as many years, the UK sits on the brink, but will tomorrow bring change? There are certain experiences in life that bring out the best and worst in people. Parenthood, terrorist attacks and general elections are [...]

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5 Reasons to Turn Up the Volume

Events this week has reminded us all how life can change in a minute. The tragedy in Manchester has shattered the hearts and lives of so many families. For 49,000 families in the UK, we know the reality of a life defining moment. Our children have a life-limiting diagnosis and so we have experienced first hand that instant when everything [...]

A world of conflicted truth

The truth is my son is wonderful. It’s true our lives are good. It’s true I am lucky and blessed in so many ways. It is true he is precious and unique, loved and created. It’s true he fills our home with love and has taught us all how to be better humans. It is true that he is more healed [...]

Choice: Real or Myth (Part 2)

A couple of years ago, a student midwife tried to persuade me that choice in pregnancy meant being able to have a home birth. In my first blog Choice: Real or Myth, I reflected on how choice is a privilege afforded to women in the UK. Something that isn’t on offer for many others around the world. But it doesn’t end [...]

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Choice: Real or Myth (Part 1)

Two years ago, I was sitting on my hospital bed alone, eight months pregnant. Unaware I would need an emergency c-section 3 hours later, I started thinking about choice and wrote this: 'It's the night before my third son will be born. Nearly four weeks before his due date and three weeks ahead of schedule. Once again, I'm on the [...]

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Unanswered questions and different answers

When a child is diagnosed with a complex disability, a tidal wave of unanswered questions sweeps through life. As though, one minute you live in a town that you recognise, one you've lived in your whole life. It is a town with familiar faces, understandable street names and identifiable buildings. Then the next minute you've been teleported to a place where the landmarks are unfamiliar, the people [...]

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