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7 Ways to get the Best out of your Professional

Getting the best out of your professional is the title of a workshop I developed for parents like me who have children with additional needs. Some people, particularly practitioners, may wince at the title. Yet families like mine are often referred to as clients, case-load or service-users. Seeing the table turned shines an interesting light on how impersonal and [...]

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“Never feed your son again.”

   “Our recommendation is that you never feed your son orally again.” These words were spoken to me as I sat wedged along a corridor at Great Ormond Street Hospital. No box of tissues. No comfortable sofa. Less than ten words were used to inform me that my son would never eat another birthday cake, enjoy a sunny-day ice-cream [...]

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Can I really make a difference?

Some lovely people (probably my parents) have nominated me for the category of ‘Making a Difference’ at the BAPS blogging awards presented by Bringing us Together. It got me thinking, how do I want to make a difference? Firstly, the difference starts at home. There is no point in me speaking and writing to inform others about what life [...]

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Mind the Gap: Parliament DCP manifesto launch

On 29th November I was privileged to speak on behalf of parents at the Disabled Children's Partnership manifesto launch at Parliament. It was fantastic to see so many charities and influential people recognising the struggles families like mine face daily. It was refreshing to feel seen and heard, that people are acknowledging the #SecretLivesofUs and wanting to see change.   [...]

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Success and how to measure it.

The lights were on, the stage packed and hundreds of people sat in anticipation. For months, volunteers, family and friends had supported performers to practice every week. Last night, S was on stage with an amazing group of people for Music is Magic at the London Palladium. It is the second time he has had this incredible opportunity. I [...]

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Good parent, bad emotions. #worldmentalhealthday

“It’s just so hard, it's constant, not just physically but emotionally and mentally.” I muster every ounce of ‘I hear you’, with a simple nod. In slightly more frantic tones she continues, “it isn’t that it isn’t good, it is wonderful, she is deligh…” “Stop, you don’t need to explain.” Three times this week I have cut my friends [...]