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Why Christmas isn’t about Jesus…

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Christmas isn't about Jesus for a lot of people. Long before Jesus came along, the Romans celebrated Saturnalia in the middle of December by exchanging gifts and partying. It was a good few centuries later that Christians hijacked this festival and joined in the merriment creating Christmas. I reckon that someone who doesn't think about God 364 days of the year has [...]

Surviving Stranger Sympathy: A guide to Parents of a Disabled Child

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The other day I was in our local supermarket when a Stranger stopped her work, looked sympathetically between me and Sam and sighed 'Aaaaaah!', as though slightly disappointed. Having read many blogs and articles I know this experience is not unique. It seems many parents become indignant and frustrated, wanting to correct  the stranger with explanations [...]

Washing Machines are like Families

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I have had a couple of weeks of things breaking down. Break Down #1 - The Washing Machine The kids hadn't gone back to school yet and my washing machine decided the best way to clean our clothes was to boil them. I was merrily busying myself in the kitchen when I noticed heat emanating from the [...]

Moments of Summer

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The school bell tolled at the end of term. With boxing gloves in each hand, I heard my coach shout over the furore of the crowd.  I was ready. The referee called us to the centre of the ring as I excitedly bounced on my tiptoes keen to begin. Finally, I lifted my head to see [...]

A-Z of Parenting a Disabled Child

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For me becoming a parent has involved changes, insights and rewards. Here's my A-Z of Parenting a son living with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. A is for Adaptations including changing routine, adapting clothing, moving to a bungalow or adjusting my dreams; one thing is true, I had to adapt. B Body building Arnold Schwarzenegger watch out! My [...]

6 Secrets to Living Beyond Blame

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I needed to learn the secrets of living beyond blame when my life was suddenly defined by the consequences of a decision I made. My Story Eight and a half years ago I woke in the middle of the night with a niggling sense of uncertainty. Unable to settle I slunk out of bed and sat in a dark, [...]

A letter to my younger self

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If you could send myself a letter ten years ago what would I say? Early last week, Tim turned over a metal bin lid, threw on some wood and lit a fire.  Our eldest son had decided to shout for an hour before going to sleep, so when we finally got to sit in our garden with the [...]

Top 10 Disability Clangers

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Here's my Top 10 Disability Clanger or what NOT to say to the parent of a child with disabilities. They include some of the pitfalls to avoid and advice for making situations less awkward. It's a minefield and I'm as hopeless as the next person, frequently putting my size six's in my mouth. Few people are deliberately [...]

Guilty or Not Guilty?

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Our spring-break did not turn out as I had hoped. For reasons beyond my control my plans for quality time with both my boys failed to happen and I was left with a sense of guilt. It seems since the day SD was born I acquired the innate ability to feel guilty. I have a tendency [...]

The Sun in our Solar System

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This week JJ (youngest son) surprised me with a question: "Can we go trick or treating?" "It's ages away until trick or treating time, I responded. "Well when it is, can we go trick or treating?" I hesitated in consideration. "I want to dress up as a ghost." "Oh, ok, I said, trying to sound interested. [...]