Choice: Real or Myth (Part 2)

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A couple of years ago, a student midwife tried to persuade me that choice in pregnancy meant being able to have a home birth. In my first blog Choice: Real or Myth, I reflected on how choice is a privilege afforded to women in the UK. Something that isn’t on offer for many others around the world. [...]

Unanswered questions and different answers

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When a child is diagnosed with a complex disability, a tidal wave of unanswered questions sweeps through life. As though, one minute you live in a town that you recognise, one you've lived in your whole life. It is a town with familiar faces, understandable street names and identifiable buildings. Then the next minute you've been teleported to a place where the [...]

Is it too much to ask, to not have to fight?

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**WARNING IMAGINATION REQUIRED** Imagine me in a Miss World competition. Obviously to do this, you'd have to believe I've abandoned any feminist ideals, grown a foot in height, enhanced my breasts and shrunk my waist. But, bear with me... Should I ever be a contestant on Miss World and the MC asks me what would be my one wish, it probably wouldn't be 'World [...]

Living on the Edge: My life as a parent

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Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like they are desperately trying to keep their house in order whilst stopping themselves from falling over the edge? I’ve always enjoyed living life a little on the edge. I love travelling and feeling like the foreigner. I’ve even been known to eat something that is a day [...]

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5 little things that make a Big Difference

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Little things can make a difference. I’ve always thought this was right but recently it’s truth has seeped a little deeper. When I worked as a  nurse in A&E, I knew that even in the middle of emergency procedures, how I treated the patient and family would be remembered. As a parent standing over my fitting son while the [...]

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My children don’t come first!

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I’ve heard it said, that the children come first. It’s a statement expressed in many forms. ‘It's the kids that matter.’ ‘You need to do what’s best for the children.’ But guess what? Sometimes, you DON’T. I've long held the belief that children aren’t the most important people in a family. I haven't dared to write about [...]

Training to change the future…

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I wasn’t given any training to be a mum - I wish I had. Eleven years on, I can be both super human and super-useless in the same day. In truth, the super-human bit normally filters away by the time I get out of bed but in my dreams I nurture my children with ease and finesse. [...]

Hello autumn, goodbye summer

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As much as I love the summer, I’m glad it is autumn. It's time to collect conkers and pick the last few blackberries. Although I will miss the brighter days and warm sun on my face, the summer is my toughest season.

A nine-year-old’s open letter…

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"Grown-ups write letters to the council all the time but nine-year-old boys don't," I assured him. "We all need to say what we think is right, no matter how old we are."

An open letter to the Local Council that said NO…

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It is a common phenomenon for parents of children with complex needs to hear 'No' from professionals and councils. A universal experience is our need to fight for our children.