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Becoming the parent of a child with disabilities can be daunting and overwhelming, rewarding and incredible. In 2005, my eldest son was born with a bump. As a qualified nurse and unqualified parent, I hurtled down an unmarked road of loving a child with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Ten years later, my GCSE English teacher and I were both shocked that The Skies I’m Under was published and Born at the Right Time founded.

In my view, the more professionals that hear Rachel speak the better!”

Susie Quinlan, ILS Learning and Development Manager

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Born at the Right Time International Specialist Training


Bridging the Gap

Reimagining communication and co-production with families in a post-covid world.


Social distancing, isolation, shielding have all become common words across the globe. How are these changing times affecting our ability to communicate with families of those with complex needs? The Disabled Children’s Partnership research has highlighted that families in lockdown are suffering.

The challenge for practitioners across health, education and social care is to provide connected, meaningful and evidence based service which meets the needs of families where they are.

After a hugely successful presentation at the international eHealth Summit this inspiring CPD accredited study* day explores;

  • Families’ lived experience (including in lockdown)
  • Telehealth: Pale imitation or colossal opportunity?
  • Communication and co-production with families
  • The challenge of reimagining: Is resilience a personal endeavour or responsibility of the system?
  • How professional practice and service provision can be reimagined in a post-covid world.
  • Provides 7 hours CPD accredited training (On-line training either 9.30am-1.30pm or 17.30-21.30 BST)

Dates for digital courses

Digital course account for 7 hours CPD accredited training and cost £80 with half price Early bird and Multi-ticket discounts available for a limited time only. Book soon to avoid disappointment.

Course Dates

Bridging the gap: Reimagining communication and co-production with families in a post-covid world.

Extra dates added following successful International training session with attendees from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK.

25th June 2020

14th July 2020

21st July 2020

19th October 2020

Effective communication and co-production with relatives and carers in a changing world

10th September 2020

25th November 2020

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“Training based on real experience making sure we remember real people in our practice. Excellent and would highly recommend.”


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“This session was highly interactive, fun and easy to follow. I have gained a great amount of knowledge that is very useful for my practice.”

Featured Sections


What happens when life doesn’t turn out as you planned. The Skies I’m Under is a memoir about becoming the parent of a child with complex needs while Shattered uses 40 reflections to help walk that unexpected path.


Faith shapes our world view, how we live and how we love. Through bridging the gap between life and faith we find beauty in the brokenness.



The beauty of writing is it was just like talking but without the interruptions. Stories have the power to change the teller and listener.


Find out more about Rachel Wright’s speaking and training events as they happen.


God’s view through life’s broken windows

Introduced by Rachel and Tim Wright

Authors Rachel & Tim Wright introduce their new book Shattered – God’s view through life’s broken windows.

Why my son won't be accepting his 100% attendance award

VIRAL Blog post from July 2016 seen by over 4 million people and still creating waves. Four reasons my son won’t accept his 100% Attendance Award. No. 2 son has been awarded an evening at a soft play centre because he has 100% attendance at school. He loves going to soft play, he loves going out with his friends, we love it when school reward him BUT he won’t be going. Here’s why…

Don't Call Me Mum

The Don’t call me Mum initiative is working towards #bridgingthegap between professionals and parents. It is founded on mutual respect and asks practitioners to demonstrate their passion for parents as partners by simply using the parent’s name. Many parents feel undermined when they are called ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ in meetings and appointments.