Disability isn’t a Four Letter Word

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I believe words are powerful although it is our attitude that makes a word either offensive or complimentary. A good friend of mine once received a call from her son's teacher explaining he had sworn in class. He had just joined a school with a specialist unit for deaf kids. The teacher described how he used the sign for 'shit' in the classroom [...]

Surviving Stranger Sympathy: A guide to Parents of a Disabled Child

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The other day I was in our local supermarket when a stranger stopped her work, looked sympathetically between me and my son and sighed 'Aaaaaah!', as though slightly disappointed. Having read many blogs and articles I know this experience is not unique. It seems many parents become indignant and frustrated, wanting to correct  the stranger with [...]

Washing Machines are like Families

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I have had a couple of weeks of things breaking down. Break Down #1 - The Washing Machine The kids hadn't gone back to school yet and my washing machine decided the best way to clean our clothes was to boil them. I was merrily busying myself in the kitchen when I noticed heat emanating from the [...]

Moments of Summer

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The school bell tolled at the end of term. With boxing gloves in each hand, I heard my coach shout over the furore of the crowd.  I was ready. The referee called us to the centre of the ring as I excitedly bounced on my tiptoes keen to begin. Finally, I lifted my head to see [...]


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