While we were on holiday in the summer I heard about the Carers UK short story writing competition. When I previously tried to write a short story for a writing class I attended I had failed completely. For me writing is all about where I’ve been, how I felt and what I’ve learnt.

When imagination was being given out, God didn’t fill my plate. If it isn’t real I struggle to see the point. I don’t get Lord of the Rings and The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe is way beyond my comfort zone.

It dawned on me though that the current Preface (it has writing competitionhad many guises already) to Born at the Right Time works as a stand alone piece. So in the back of the car I tidied it up, asked my editor and chief (husband) to give me feedback and sent it off.

(Re the picture – I know my fingers aren’t in the right place and it looks like I’m just stroking the keyboard but the painted nails helps the writing process.)

The Writing Competition results are in….

My story “In My Dreams” was one of three awarded Highly Commended. You can read it here on the Carers UK website. You can also read the article about the writing competition here.

So there you go. I’m even more determined now to finish editing my book and work out how I get it published. Aside from a gymnastics routine I did in primary school where I won 3rd place I don’t remember ever winning anything. I know I didn’t actually win but I’m feeling like a winner today so just let me bask in it for a day or so.

What great, small or obscure things have you won in the past? I’d love to hear all about it.