Selfies – everyday moment, forever memory

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There is something I’ve discovered, no matter how hard I try, moments still only last a second. Over the last year I have tried really hard to soak up life but time still just flies by as moments effortlessly slip through my fingers, no matter how hard I grip or how deeply I breathe.

Children’s Hospice Week Starts 23rd May 2016

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I know today is nearly over but it's the first day of Children's Hospice week so I wanted to say something. Being allowed to stay at a Children's Hospice, is one of those things no-one wants to be eligible for. There are lots of these 'clubs', small groups of people that deep down we don't want to be [...]

Top 6 Disability Hacks

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Life changes when you become a mum, even more so when your son has a disability. With any baby, normal run of the mill activities become calculated missions of precision and specialist equipment. Leaving the house takes two hours of planning and a boot-load of accessories. Going on holiday requires upsizing your car and is suddenly [...]


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