There is something I’ve discovered when trying to ‘cherish the moments‘.
No matter how hard I try, they still only last a second. Then they’re gone. I can’t make time slow down. Over the last year I have tried really hard to soak up life and enjoy my three children, but guess what?

Time still flies by

Moments effortlessly slip through my fingers, no matter how hard I grip or how deeply I breathe.
I have also noticed, that this phenomenon is even worse when you are busy. With three children, including a one-year-old and a ten-year-old, (who requires more care than a newborn) life is busy. A lot of the time it is the ‘firefighting’ kind of busy, especially when you are trying to make memories and not just survive.
So, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and I’m determined to…

Take more Selfies

I have little selfie videos of my kids doing normal everyday stuff because soon it won’t be normal or every day – I will have forgotten all about it. I have come to realise I can hold to the moments a lot longer when I can revisit them. Then they are given space to breathe and evolve, settling in time and my memory.
So, here is one of those precious selfies that I will always cherish, the bedtime book. Here’s my biggest boy listening to one of his favourite stories. I have a feeling you won’t appreciate this as much as me but if you get a glimpse of what I see then your heart will burst anyway.

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(I apologise for the shaky filming; I’m holding a book, a phone and turning pages…)