The world is reeling. It has been shaken to the core.

The rhythm of our lives is untethered. Christmas won’t be the same. New year celebrations won’t be the same and all of us are clinging to the hope of a vaccine.

Our values, way of life and priorities have been challenged.

For parents who have children with complex needs, we’ve been here before.

We know what it is like to have our world turned upside down. To feel loss and yet incredibly grateful. To be aggrieved for events not yet lived and chronic sorrow for losses still unknown.

How do we reimagine a new future?

There is no going back.

Families like mine know it.

We also know how it feels to have others decide our fate.

We have been bombarded by lingo that we don’t yet fully understand, surrounded by impenetrable policies seemingly sent to thwart our progress.

Healthcare professionals have waved the magic wand of ‘diagnosis’, changing our families and future forever.

Today, the world now littered jargon such as shielding, isolation and social distancing. The government is restricting to our ability to work, socialise and even dye the greying roots creeping through our hair line. There is so much to make us feel powerless.

Nothing will be the same again.

Now we have a choice – like families of children with complex needs.

We can try to contort our previous ways of living and working into the restrictions of the future – or we can start with stopping.

Reimagine a new way of working.

Take stock, reflect, listen and learn.

Then we must rise.

To learn a different way of living in this new normal.

Yes, there is pain and uncertainty, sorrow and loss but there is also an incredible opportunity to reimagine a new world, a new way of working, connecting and belonging.

Covid-19 is delivering us the opportunity to reimagine a different way.
Could it be a way that sees parents and practitioners work together – communicating, co-producing and connected by a shared vision?

The storm has hit.

Now what shall we do?

Wait for it to pass or learn to dance in the rain.

Born at the Right Time training offers CPD accredited training in Communication and co-production with relatives and carers in a changing world which addresses the impact of Covid-19 and how practitioners can help bridge the gap between services and families.

This is it.

Let’s dance.

We can #BridgetheGap between parents and practitioners making life for everyone – especially our children – better for it.