Born at the Right Time’s vision is to create a world where families of people with complex disabilities are valued and supported to thrive in a community where they belong.

What we’re passionate about

Born at the Right Time was established in 2015 by founder and director, Rachel Wright. Our work focuses on bridging the gap through a passion for collaboration, personalised care and community.

We are dedicated to effective communication founded on mutual respect, understanding and kindness. We want to bridge the gap between rhetoric and reality for families of people with complex needs through positive, creative and collaborative thinking.

Our Values

How we work

Supporting families

Supporting families

Born at the Right Time wants to bring people together as we pursue bridging the gap between families and their community. We are particularly passionate about developing communities based on value not pity.

We dream of a world where every person is recognised for their inherent worth with a life full of purpose and love. We celebrate interdependence above independence and want the collective voices of primary carers at the heart of policy development and service provision.

Through Rachel’s blogs and her books ‘The Skies I’m Under’ and ‘Shattered’, families hear their own voices and experiences echoed in her words.

Our hugely successful ”The Skies We’re Under’ podcast brings together the voices of parents around the world.

Through Born at the Right Time parent workshops, parents and parent carers have the chance to cultivate a community a create mutual support.

Training practioners

Training practitioners

Our award-winning training for practitioners across SEND, health and social care focuses on enabling professionals to put ideology and theory into practice.

Through CPD-certified courses, Born at the Right Time bridges the gap between professionals and parents, reducing isolation, increasing engagement and improving the lived experience of both families and professionals. We have a range of courses specifically tailored to specialist practitioners from our two-hour e-learning course to our one-day advanced training in Personalised Care.

We are proud to collaborate with Simple Stuff Works bringing the family voice and collaborative working to 24-hour Postural Care training. A wide range of specialist training serves specialist occupational therapists and physiotherapists, as well as practitioners across SEND, health and social care with a variety of e-learning and blended courses on offer.

Our courses can be accessed by individuals, teams, departments and large organisations with reduced rates for large, bespoke bookings.

Email admin@bornattherighttime.com or use our contact form for enquiries.


Influencing policy makers

Born at the Right Time Is passionate about influencing policy makers and supporting providers in delivering services which meet the needs of families. Using the voice of lived experience and collaborative working, we drive research and pioneering initiatives to turn ideology into practice and a better reality for families.

This includes our DCMM initiative – a simple step professionals can make to help parent/carers feel connected and a valued part of shared decision making. In 2020 we collaborated with Simple Stuff Works and NHS England to produce the Posture Positive project which highlighted the failings and potential solutions for postural care in England during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our founder & director, Rachel Wright, is a Personalised Care Institute ambassador, promoting the value, and values of, personalised care and the excellent free training from the Personalised Care Institute.


Who we have worked with

Born at the RIght time is proud to have worked with services across SEN, social care and the NHS in the UK as well as providers across the USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Lebanon and New Zealand.

The Team

Rachel Wright – Director, Born at the Right Time Limited

Rachel is a qualified nurse and unqualified mum of 3, parenting a son with complex disabilities and staring down the barrel of transition. She’s an award-winning blogger, was a finalist in the National Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards 2022, the author of two books including ‘The Skies I’m Under’ and hosts the popular and funny ‘The Skies We’re Under’ parenting disabled children podcast. (Rachel’s the one who doesn’t swear as much as the other two).


Rebekah McKinley – Operations Manager

Rebekah joined Born at the Right Time in 2020. Prior to this, having graduated from Keele University with a master’s degree in Law, she began a career in local government administration, dabbled in property management and more recently spent time looking after three children, a dog and a husband.

Rebekah enjoys running (sometimes with Rachel if she can keep up …), swimming and sewing. ‘Made by Rebekah, Sewn with Love’ creations are available on request!

Michelle Wright – Administrative Assistant

With over two decades of experience working in and for numerous organisations across the public sector, including the NHS, local government and most recently the education sector, Michelle supports the rest of the Born at the Right Time team to be their brilliant, super-productive selves.

Michelle has Crohn’s disease, and believes in talking openly about living with chronic illness and/or hidden disabilities. She enjoys escapism to the fictional locations of Ambridge (Home of the Archers), a galaxy far away and any one of the many multiverses within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the real world she lives with three wonderful boys: one adult, one child, and one of the canine variety. She enjoys long walks with them, especially if they involve stopping for coffee and/or a pint of bitter.