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Engage better with parent carers using these “Top Tips” for busy schools

When Government Improvement Plans or initiatives arrive in inboxes, or in the media, it can be incredibly frustrating when schools already have so many everyday demands on time and resources. We know that the additional demands you feel, unite schools with the families you engage with, who are also focussing on ‘just’ getting through the day. The government's Special Educational [...]

“Please, Sir, I want some more.”

Less Disney Princess and more Oliver Twist. The life of a Parent/Carer can feel like being an impish rogue, asking for more than you deserve. To make life good, we knock on the door of services across SEN, health and social care asking, “Please, sir, I want some more…!” I was never a fan of Oliver. The images in [...]

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I’m too busy …

In promoting the 'Don't Call Me Mum' initiative and asking practitioners to #CallMe, I often hear the excuse that a hospital professional is simply too busy. It is easy in the bustle of the hospital ward to mistakenly regard the details as unimportant. Like the panoramic view of any hospital stay might include the admission date, the treatment and [...]

‘With’ not ‘to’ … Co-production Week 2023

Co-production Week In 2020, the world was turned upside down. Things once considered important no longer took priority. People's values were honed, the world shrank, and everyone had to get used to living in a new way. The world got a glimpse of the transformation that occurs in the life of a family who loves someone with complex disabilities [...]

Losing control

Ever feel like you are losing control? One of the first things to disappear when becoming the parent of a child with complex needs, is a sense of control. Some people live deluded that they are the masters of their own destiny, but for parents of someone with disabilities, the weeks ahead are shaped by a growing list of [...]

Dear Professionals …

I’m not sure where to start because there are so many of you who have the opportunity to deliver personalised care. Maybe you’re one of the many therapists (Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech And Language Therapist to name but a few) who collude and agree when it’s best to meet and then ask that I adhere to 'your' agreed date [...]


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