The scrutiny and mutiny of blended diets

Last year, I shared our mutiny at rejecting processed milk and deciding to finally try blended diet for our son. Sadly, the level of scrutiny we were exposed to did not match the risks posed. We weren’t supported by our local team at the time of this decision and felt the need to justify and explain ourselves. We were asked [...]

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Blended diets – the benefits

I avoided doing a blended diet for my son for years. I sat on a Facebook group stalking and listening. If I’m honest, my medically tinted spectacles probably tipped me towards thinking it was a bit hippy. The irony that feeding your child actual food could be deemed ‘alternative’ didn't quite seeped in as being as ridiculous as it [...]

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Children in Need, good or bad?

It’s Children in Need this week. Forgetting the cultural drive to be good or bad, right or wrong, I have to admit I have been increasingly uncomfortable with Children in Need (CIN) for the past few years. A perspective which has been voice by others in recent days across social media. So, stepping into the murky grey of real life, [...]

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DLA to PIP: map not provided

Do you ever head off on a journey to somewhere, but you have no map, no idea what it is going to look like or how you get there? I’m not talking about an exciting adventure where you get to be spontaneous, throw your head back and let the wind tussle your hair as you follow your feet to nowhere [...]

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Weather warning! Birthday approaching

It’s the 11th October 2021, there is a severe weather front closing in and I have written about it before. I’m braced for impact. It’s my son’s 16th birthday tomorrow I am full of so much joy, pride, gratitude and love. I am brimming with heartache, loss and grief. Weather fronts are the transition boundary created by the meeting [...]

Flattening the curve…of emotions.

Have you ever tried to curate your expectations in order to minimise disappointment or sadness? As though you are trying to flatten the curve of your emotions by not letting yourself feel the high of hopefulness or joyful expectation. I have found myself attempting (and failing) to compress and ignore feelings of hope, excitement, love or desire, simply because I [...]

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