Empowerment: the fallacy of a system which doesn’t listen

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As a qualified nurse, wife of a GP and the parent of a young man with complex disabilities, I sometimes feel as though I’m being fed the line of empowerment whilst being thrust into a system which doesn’t listen. Sometimes I wonder if, as a parent carer, I am a lot like Cassandra.  Cassandra, a [...]

DLA to PIP: map not provided

By |2021-10-21T14:35:41+01:00October 21st, 2021|Categories: #bridgingthegap, assessment|Tags: , |

Do you ever head off on a journey to somewhere, but you have no map, no idea what it is going to look like or how you get there? I’m not talking about an exciting adventure where you get to be spontaneous, throw your head back and let the wind tussle your hair as you follow [...]

We cannot be measured

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An open letter. I respect you. I really do. You obviously care and have years of experience. You haven't had a personality transplant to take this job. You want to help people, to help families like mine. You are in such a difficult position. You're the face of the bureaucrats. The ones who get to say [...]


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