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Hello autumn, goodbye summer

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As much as I love the summer, I’m glad it is autumn. It's time to collect conkers and pick the last few blackberries. Although I will miss the brighter days and warm sun on my face, the summer is my toughest season.

A nine-year-old’s open letter…

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"Grown-ups write letters to the council all the time but nine-year-old boys don't," I assured him. "We all need to say what we think is right, no matter how old we are."

An open letter to the Local Council that said NO…

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It is a common phenomenon for parents of children with complex needs to hear 'No' from professionals and councils. A universal experience is our need to fight for our children.

Top 10 Advantages to Parenting a Disabled Child

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As well as trials, there are many advantages to loving and parenting a child with severe and complex disabilities. Here are my Top 10 Advantages. 1) Disabled Bays No more aimlessly driving around a crowded car-park. With your precious Blue Badge, you get to park in Disabled bays (assuming some unworthy driver hasn't already nabbed it). [...]

I don’t like squeezing…

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I'm not talking about spots or half empty toothpaste tubes; I'm talking about life. As much as I go on about making the most of now, cherishing today and other such sentimental cliches, I'm very much against squeezing.Treasuring and squeezing are two very different things. When I squeeze an orange I get out a glass of [...]