My faith has always been an important part of my life. Until my eldest son was born, I had a reassuringly predictable Christian upbringing. I started dating my husband when we were teenagers and we used our medical and nursing skills to work abroad.  When our defining moment came, all our previously held hopes and dreams appeared to shatter. The contents of our lives were tipped out on the floor and we were left with the question – what now?

More than ever, I’m convinced that being broken isn’t a problem, it’s what we do with the pieces. Parenting and loving a son with complex disabilities has shaped the way I view God and how I live my life. Through writing, speaking and sharing our story, I’m passionate about bridging the gap between our faith and our lives.


My first book, The Skies I’m Under is my memoir about becoming the parent of a severely disabled child. My second book, Shattered, written with my husband Tim, gives 40-reflections for walking an unexpected path whether due to relationship breakdown, death, loss or quite simply disappointment.

Here is a short parable written from our experiences published in Baptist Times.

I have contributed to Patrick Regan’s (CEO of Kintsugi Hope) new book, Honesty over Silence


I have been interviewed for the series When Faith Gets Shaken on TBNUK which you can watch here.

As well as speaking at mainstream events such as New Wine and Methodist Women in Britain conference, I have lead workshops for parents of children with additional needs. I’m also privileged to have shared with smaller groups and church congregations about how our faith has grown through our complicated version of parenting. You can hear a sermon I gave titled The Broken Way, here. As well as providing a traditional sermon, I love to include practical and kinesthetic aspects to workshops, seminars or events where I encourage people to respond to the message shared.

I believe wholeheartedly that brokenness is part of the image of God; the birth, life and death of Jesus reflects this truth. Unsurprisingly, I’m really passionate about how the church cares for families like mine. How do we care for the vulnerable, include the marginalised and value each other? How do we live a life together as church which is bridging the gap between the church and her wider community. I am particularly passionate about sharing on the following themes:

  • Shattered: God’s view through Life’s broken windows
  • The church and disability
  • How to be an inclusive church for families of children with additional needs
  • God’s call and living the broken way
  • Healing: but not as we know it
  • Value and worth
  • Forgiveness and acceptance: a journey of faith


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