Rachel has an evolving faith and her second book, Shattered, was written alongside her husband, Tim. Published by CWR, it uses 40 reflections to walk with someone going through life with the feeling that it just isn’t going the way they expected.

Rachel spoken in faith circles of her passion for shaping the way the church views people with disabilities. Asserting that if God’s church longs to reflect God’s nature, it cannot exclude anyone made in Her image.

Parenting a child with a life-limiting condition has deepens a view of a God who values rather than pities. Of a faith which celebrates community and interdependence above independence. In a belief that although God does not want us to suffer, our brokenness can be used to become one of the most powerful and beautiful parts of living well.


Rachel’s first book, The Skies I’m Under is my memoir about becoming the parent of a severely disabled child. Her second book, Shattered, written with her husband Tim, gives 40-reflections for walking an unexpected path whether due to relationship breakdown, death, loss or quite simply disappointment.

A short parable was widely read as a blog and in the Baptist Times.

Rachel also contributed to Patrick Regan’s (CEO of Kintsugi Hope) book, Honesty over Silence


Rachel has been interviewed for the series When Faith Gets Shaken on TBNUK which you can watch here.

As well as speaking at mainstream events such as New Wine and Methodist Women in Britain conference, Rachel has lead workshops for parents of children with additional needs. Today, she affirms her evolving faith where things she once held dear have been changing. Each day she says she is, “stepping into the uncomfortable and challenging place of faith and doubt”.

Rachel believes wholeheartedly that brokenness is part of the image of God; the birth, life and death of Jesus reflects this truth. Unsurprisingly, she is passionate about how the church cares for families like hers. How the church cares for the vulnerable, includes the marginalised and values each other? How people of faith live a life which is bridging the gap between reality and theology. In particular:

  • Shattered: God’s view through Life’s broken windows
  • The church and disability
  • How inclusion is a primary goal for the church
  • Value and worth
  • Forgiveness and acceptance: a journey of faith
  • The divine feminine and connecting with our feminine soul.


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