Parent Workshops

Born at the Right Time parenting workshops are run by Founder Rachel Wright. She says,

“Becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities opens up a whole new community that you rarely even know existed. We’re a funny bunch of people from all walks of life held together by the tread of loving someone with a disability.

Over the years, I have found strength in sharing our stories. We are stronger together and can make big changes – for the better. Like the pebbles on a beach our stories shape us, change us and make us who we are today.

I love facilitating workshops with other parents. We explore what it means to be a parent of a child with additional needs and how we can connect well with others. There are some hard lessons to learn and this new normal can be challenge, so doing it together works best.”

The aim for each workshop is to be relaxed and open, where Rachel shares a little of my own life experiences, research and some lessons she’s learned along the way.

NEW for 2021 Online Parent workshops 

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The workshop occurs at the same time in two consecutive weeks. The cost for 2 sessions is £20. However, if you are unable to meet the cost of this event, please contact Not being able to afford to pay is no reason not to join us.

Grab a cup of tea or glass of wine it will be great to meet in a safe environment (whilst wearing slippers) and talk with other parents taking a similar route through life.

To book this workshop for parents you support through your charity, school or organisation contact for group discounts and bespoke workshop opportunities.

Rachel Wright Founder of Born at the Right Time

Rachel Wright is a qualified nurse and unqualified mum of 3, parenting a son with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Author of The Skies I’m Under, Shattered: God’s view through life’s broken windows and award winning blogger. She loves to speak and is passionate about effective communication, co-production, community and embracing life’s challenges. An expert through lived experience, Rachel works towards bridging the gap between families of children with complex conditions and the practitioners who support them.

To balance out her infatuation for salt ‘n vinegar crisps and hummus, Rachel regularly puts on trainers and goes for a run. Her middle son is writing a book titled, ‘My mum’s epic fails’. It is likely to have more than one volume.

COMING SOON more Born at the Right Time workshops

For more information or to book Rachel to run a bespoke parent workshop for your organisation, charity or school, please use the contact form below.