24-hour Postural Care from Cradle to Grave

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This 2-3 day CPD certified course comprises of:

  • Pre-recorded training videos (6-8.5hrs depending on modules accessed)
  • Downloadable independent learning workbook 
  • Interactive on-line question forum through Padlet 
  • Optional live practical problem solving events
  • Bonus videos focused on using night time positioning equipment
  • Final live review event with trainers Rachel Wright and Sarah Clayton (via Zoom)
  • On completion, delegates get access to materials designed for practitioners to deliver 24-hour postural care training to unpaid individuals and families who use their service


Using pre-recorded training, interactive on-line content (through Padlet), self-directed learning and live events, this substantial and comprehensive blended training course keeps delegates interested, engaged and learning new ways to bring excellence to their 24-hour postural care provision and focuses on the often neglected lying position and how unsupported lying drives changes to a person’s body shape which impacts sitting, standing and functional movement.

You will receive a link to an online learning platform which contains all the course information you will require.


People with complex needs, deserve a thorough, co-ordinated postural care service. We only get one body and yet people with complex disabilities don’t always get the ‘annual service’ afforded the equipment they use.

Posture Positive report 2020 found training is a key aspect to developing resilient and robust 24-hour postural care for people with complex needs. The Postural Care C2G course is a dynamic, engaging and evidence based, CPD certified 2-3 day course (depending on the modules you complete) providing exemplary postural care for people of all ages who have limited movement.

Every person with complex needs requires a comprehensive postural care service delivered in a personalised way.


The course is suitable for all those working in health, SEN and social care. In particular specialist physiotherapists, specialist occupational therapists and other highly trained healthcare professionals whether in education, social or healthcare.


This course covers:

  • Why is postural care such a big deal?
  • What is 24-hour postural care?
  • Identification of need
  • Predictable changes to body shape
  • Preventing, protecting and reversing body shape distortion
  • Postural care in the real world with real people
  • Special considerations for all stages of life
  • Monitoring and evaluating outcomes
  • Co-production in developing personalised postural care

You can focus on one specific age group or take a general approach allowing you to adapt the course to meet your own learning objectives.

Live discussion events with the trainers are available for the specific ages that the course covers:

  • 10.30am – 11.30am 0-3 years
  • 12.00pm – 1.00pm Children in education
  • 1.30pm – 2.30pm Adults
  • 3.00pm – 4.00pm Older people and palliative care

Choosing one age bracket gives 2 days CPD although by completing the work for all age brackets, you can gain up to 3 days CPD accreditation. The cost of the course is the same. The aim is for all delegates to be equipped with the knowledge needed to deliver an outstanding, person-centred, postural care service.

On successful completion of the course, all delegates will gain access to bespoke training materials designed by parents for parents of people with complex needs. This includes ongoing trainer support for local therapists hosting the workshops, pre-recorded training videos, workbook and designated webpage.


Read a detailed review from one of our international delegates here.

“Your enthusiasm for the topic along with the knowledge and awareness you have given me has given me my mojo back! “

Refreshing to hear the family’s perspective.”

“An inspiring and engaging course.”


Rachel Wright (BSc) Founder of Born at the Right Time

Rachel is author of The Skies I’m Under, finalist 2020 RCN Nursing Awards, trainer, qualified nurse and unqualified mum of three sons; one of whom has severe disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Occasionally she ties on her trainers and runs in a vague attempt to counteract her love for Salt ‘n Vinegar crisps, hummus and all things carbohydrate.

Sarah Clayton (BSc, PGCE) CEO Simple Stuff Works

Sarah is passionate about all things postural care. Sounds dull but it turns out that her passion translates into highly contagious enthusiasm. She has developed a range of accredited training courses accessible to health, social care and education practitioners. Sarah has four children, works full-time and can regularly be found wearing her jumper inside out.

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