Born at the Right Time is delighted to be working alongside Simple Stuff Works in an exciting new Postural Care Project funded by NHS England. It is focused on listening to the people most affected by postural care services. We hope to identify current practice, share and celebrate best practice, support invested parties and optimistically look to the future together. 

Are you a person with Learning Disabilities, their parent, family carer, paid support worker, therapist or commissioner of services?  

Are you committed to improving the lives of children and adults with a Learning Disability and their postural care needs? 

Please take 15 minutes and to click on the appropriate link and complete a survey.

  1. Commissioners survey

  2. Practitioners/therapists survey

  3. Parents, family carers or paid support workers of people with learning disabilities survey 

  4. Individuals with learning disabilities can download an Easy Read format here and complete the on-line survey here

If you need any further assistance to complete a survey please email Rachel at for help. All on-line surveys will close on 9th October 2020. 

To make this people-focused project a success we want to listen and collaborate with everyone involved. Please share this project.

Your contributions are very much appreciated – Thank you.

If you have any further questions or comments please contact

Rachel or Sarah