A collective voice transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities through excellence in postural care. 

The Posture Positive Collective started as a joint collaboration with NHS England, NHS Improvement, Born at the Right Time and Simple Stuff Works. The Posture Positive 2020 report shares the reality and impact of postural care service provision for people with Learning disabilities amid the Covid-19 pandemic in England. It was written after  surveying over 100 people; practitioners, families and people with learning disabilities.

Postural care is defined by Mencap as ‘using the right equipment and positioning techniques to help protect and restore body shape’ (Mencap, 2010). The Covid-19 pandemic placed an exceptional burden on families and practitioners providing postural care for people with learning disabilities. The study set out to understand the impact of Covid-19 restrictions and propose improvements for the future.

With standardisation, collaboration and co-ordination, the Posture Positive Collective will transform postural care provision to improve the lives of people of learning disabilities.

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Mencap (2010) Postural care: protecting and restoring body shape.

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The survey, which asked people with learning disabilities themselves, families, practitioners and commissioners to share their views pulled out some key themes. These were:

      • Outcome monitoring
      • Reduction in Service Provision
      • Structure of Services
      • Adaptation to the Crisis
      • Negative Health Impacts

The powerful responses we received have driven our desire to bring about significant change in the way Postural Care services are developed, funded and monitored.

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