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SEND Training

for Special Schools, SENCos and Local Authorities

Specialist SEN training focused on collaboration with families of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. From the e-learning Introduction to Communication and Collaboration, acclaimed live interactive Essentials Courses in Communication and Co-production, these courses help practitioners in SEND work well with families. This includes our advanced course on Difficult Conversations and Challenging situations. All courses are tailored to specific practice areas whether you are working as a SENco, in a special school or local authority.

Our 24-hour Postural Care courses are also tailored to SEN. From the introductory on-line course or a more in-depth course created for specialist OTs or Physios; this SEN training will give you the language, skills and confidence to improve 24-hour Postural Care.

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Introduction to Communication and Collaboration with Parents/Carers

This e-learning on demand course delivers 2-hours CPD certified training and introduces practitioners in SEN to the hallmarks of effective communication and collaborative working. Find a course tailored to you specific setting or specialist role.

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Essentials in Communication and Collaboration

This live virtual (Zoom or Teams) or in-person course is an interactive and engaging course. It applies the reality of lived experience, evidence and research to practice and delivery. Applicable across all sectors this is our most popular course and can be booked as an individual or for bespoke group bookings email

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Advanced Personalised Care training and Difficult Conversations courses

New for 2023 live virtual (Zoom or Teams) or in-person courses focused on excellence in communication and personalised care training.

Personalised Care: Rhetoric to Reality

Specialist Personalised Care training for ICBs, specialist teams and all healthcare providers committed to delivering personalised care as directed by NHS England Long term plan. Developing the principles of brilliant free Personalised Care Institute training, this specialist personalised care training has lived experience at its heart alongside the support for delegates to implement changes in practice and systems.

Difficult Conversations and Challenging Situations

This course looks at key factors which may lead to the breakdown of relationships between practitioners and parent/carers and what positive meaningful connection might look like.

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Introduction to 24-hour Postural Care

A short 3-hour introduction to 24-hour Postural Care for practitioners in SEND is delivered as an e-learning on demand course to fit around a practitioner’s busy schedule.

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Advanced Cradle to Grave course

A comprehensive 2-3 day blended course for Physiotherapists and Occupational therapy teams. Delivered as a blended course with live virtual events, a series of pre-recorded training videos, workbook and optional live practical sessions.

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Bespoke Courses

For a course designed for your team’s specific learning needs or context, complete the form or email


“I am inspired to make changes in my practice and will be recommending this course to colleagues and friends.”

“Myself and the team have thoroughly enjoyed the training and the opportunity to take stock of our approach to co-production across school and ways that we can improve our practice and move forwards towards cocreating more flexible approaches to communication that work for each family.”

“The training was incredibly authentic and thought provoking.”

Born at the Right Time’s unique and engaging SEN training stems from a passion to #bridgethegap between the families of people with complex disabilities and the professionals who support them.

The hallmarks of our internationally delivered training are:

Exploring the heart of lived experience

Deepening a knowledge of collaboration and communication through evidence and research

Initiating creative and actionable changes to practice and delivery


Born at the Right Time Training is lead and delivered by Founder/Director Rachel Wright

 is a qualified nurse and unqualified mum of 3, parenting a son with complex disabilities. She’s the author of The Skies I’m Under, host of The Skies We’re Under Podcast and an award-winning blogger. Passionate about effective communication and collaborative working, she’s an engaging and humorous communicator who uses her own lived experience and professional skills to inject the heartbeat of people’s lives into training which improves service provision.

Sarah Clayton (BSc, PGCE) CEO Simple Stuff Works

Sarah is passionate about all things postural care. Sounds dull but it turns out that her passion translates into highly contagious enthusiasm. She has developed a range of accredited training courses accessible to health, social care and education practitioners. Sarah has four children, works full-time and can regularly be found wearing her jumper inside out.

For more information on any of our courses, to enquire about bespoke delivery options for your team, access group discounts, enquire about Rachel speaking at your event or a free training consultation email or complete the form. We look forward to talking to you.