• Shattered is not a fix-it-quick kind of book. Instead of the book of your dreams, it is the book you want when your dreams seem out of reach. This brave, honest and funny devotional takes a refreshing new look at the inevitable twists and turns of life. Available to order now.
  • The Skies I'm Under

    In 2012, I began escaping to the summerhouse at the bottom of my garden to allow all my memories and emotions to spill on to a page. Three years later, The Skies I’m Under was published with the hope it shares the reality of becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities. Its purpose is to  tell other parents they are not alone and give fellow practitioners a deeper understanding of what life is like for families like mine.

    The Skies I’m Under is a raw and honest account of becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities. It’s like an intricate tattoo of my heart on my sleeve sharing the often hidden world of parenting a child with complex needs.


    Read The Skies I'm under to hear the heartbeat of family life beneath clinical jargon and the hidden world for families of children with complex needs.


    Read and know you are not alone. Our stories may be very different but the emotional milestones might be surprisingly similar. There are no wrong feelings and this is a hard road to tread but best views have always come from the toughest routes.

  • Don’t Call Me Mum

    ‘Don’t call me Mum’ Packs: The Don’t Call Me Mum Support Pack includes badges and flyers to share with your local community and show your support to use a parent’s preferred name. You can choose the most appropriate size pack for your group, school, company or Local Authority.


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