Supporting families

Supporting Families

Born at the Right Time is passionate about supporting families through connecting them to their own story, each other, their wider community and the practitioners commissioned to support them.

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The Skies We’re Under: Parenting disabled children podcast

The Skies We're Under Podcast

The Skies We’re Under is a podcast by and for parents of people with complex disabilities. We talk about how the weather is not always what we predicted or want. Author of The Skies I’m Under and nurse Rachel Wright has authentic, funny and sometimes sweary conversations with fellow parents about a different kind of parenthood. The podcast is for anyone trying to get from one end of the week to the other, whilst bridging the gap between the life they expected and the one they are living. It is available here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The Skies I’m Under: the rain and shine of parenting a child with complex needs


In 2012, Rachel Wright began escaping to the summerhouse at the bottom of her garden to allow all my memories and emotions to spill on to a page. Three years later, Born at the Right Time  published The Skies I’m Under. It shares the reality of becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities and tells parents they are not alone while giving practitioners a deeper understanding of what life is like for families of children with disabilities.

The Skies I’m under is a raw and honest account of becoming the parent of a child with complex disabilities. It’s like an intricate tattoo of a heart on a sleeve.

“The Skies I’m Under’ is a truly brave and remarkable insight to the life of a family living with a child with a life-threatening condition. This is a powerful book and it has the potential to change people’s perceptions, enable better ways of working and ultimately, help hospice staff to better understand how to care for families. This book should be read by anyone who works it is interested in children’s palliative care. The book can be used as a teaching and discussion tool for staff teams, volunteers and also families.”

Ray, Music Therapist. , East Anglias Childrens Hospices (EACH)

“This dissarmingly stark account of parenting a severely brain-damaged child is a racy, unputdownable read. ’The Skies I’m Under’ is a clear window on to the world of caring, the madness, joy and chaos that it brings. Rachel Wright’s prose positively glows with honesty and humour and is never dulled by self-pity.”  

Cheryl Moskowitz, Poet and novelist.

“Written so beautifully with utter honestly. I could feel every ounce of your pain (I’m sure it didn’t come close) but it felt so real… It has given me another insight of the pain, trials and the joy parents go through, which I hope can only help me become a better nurse in these situations.” 

Rebecca, Paediatric Community Nurse.

“This book is informative, moving and insightful.  It is essential reading for professionals who work with children with complex medical needs.  I have added this book to my university students’ reading list as recommended reading.

Jackie Musgrave, Senior lecturer at Worcester University and Author of Supporting Children’s Health and Wellbeing.

“Such an amazing read. I wish I could recommend this to every mum that gets to hear the news we have. Direct and honest, beautiful and poignant. One step at a time 

Nikke, Mum of Edward

Shattered: God’s view through life’s broken windows


Shattered is not a fix-it-quick kind of book. Instead of the book of your dreams, it is the book you want when your dreams seem out of reach. This brave, honest and funny devotional takes a refreshing new look at the inevitable twists and turns of life.

For all of us at some point, life events can arrive accompanied by grief, heartache or simply a sense of disappointment: when Rachel and Tim’s son was born with severe and complex brain damage, their hearts and dreams lay shattered. But this 40-window devotional explores how brokenness doesn’t necessarily need fixing, and that growth, transformation and abundance can actually happen at the broken edges of life.

“Refreshingly honest and vulnerable. More than just a devotional, Shattered challenges us to recognise God with us, even in our very darkest moments.”

Rob Parsons OBE, Author, Speaker, Chief Executive at Care for the Family.

“Offering grace, love and comfort, this book of devotionals is a brilliant resource for anyone going through hard times.”  

Pete and Sammy Greig, 24/7 Prayer.

“A moving and sensitive book, which offers encouragement without papering over the cracks, and reminds us that even though life can be messy, painful and chaotic, love, light and faith are always to be found.” 

Rev Kate Bottley, Priest and Media Presenter.

“Highly recommended”

“Training based on real experience making sure we remember real people in our practice. Excellent and would highly recommend.”


“Every single staff member said it was one of the best training sessions they have ever completed. ”

“Catalyst for Change”

“One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended – bar none!”