Rachel Wright

Director and Founder of Born at the Right Time Limited

Rachel is a qualified nurse and unqualified mum of 3, parenting a son with complex disabilities and staring down the barrel of transition. She’s an award winning blogger, was a finalist in the National The Learning Disability and Autism Awards 2022, the author of two books including  The Skies I’m Under and hosts the popular and funny The Skies We’re Under Parenting Disabled Children Podcast(she’s the one who doesn’t swear as much as the other two).

Since founding Born at the Right Time in 2015, Rachel has tried to be inspiring, authentic and engaging whilst speaking about parenting a child with complex needs and disability rights in places such as parliament, national and international conferences, local and national radio and digital TV. An expert through lived experience, Rachel works towards bridging the gap between families of children with complex conditions and the practitioners who support them.

To balance out her infatuation for salt ‘n vinegar crisps and hummus, Rachel regularly occasionally puts on trainers and goes for a run slow jog. Her middle son is writing a book titled, ‘My mum’s epic fails’. It is likely to have more than one volume.

Rebekah McKinleyRebekah - Executive Assistant

Operations Manager

Rebekah joined Born at the Right Time 2020. Prior to this, having graduated from Keele University with a master’s degree in Law, she began a career in local government administration, dabbled in property management and more recently spent time looking after 3 children, a dog and a husband.

Rebekah enjoys running (sometimes with Rachel if she can keep up…), swimming and sewing. ‘Made by Rebekah, Sewn with love’ creations available on request!

Becky Atkinson,

Communications and Marketing Manager

Becky is the newest member of the Born at the Right Time team and helps to ensure people get to hear all about what we do. She has a degree in Business Administration from Loughborough University and draws on over twenty years’ marketing experience in the publishing, conferencing and travel sectors. She also has the prestigious job title of ‘mum’.

Becky is a self-confessed lover of food, friends, fitness, flip flops and all things on four legs (not necessarily in that order). 95% solar powered, Becky runs best on regular infusions of caffeine and chocolate. When not behind a laptop, she can often be found hanging out on the beach with her dog.

Rachel’s second book Shattered is written by her and her husband, Tim.

Tim, has many friends who are trees, although he talks to real people too.

He is a thinker, worker, drummer, husband, part-time GP and full-time dad to our three boys. He tends to stop to look closely at small things on his way, despite being pathologically averse to arriving late. He loves peanut butter and liquorice but not necessarily at the same time. 

Tim feels most at home when managing a small woodland in Kent.