I discovered a love for writing when I realised it was just like talking, but without the interruptions. I undertook a couple of local creative writing courses and in 2014 was commended in the Carers UK writing competition. The extract submitted later became the prologue toy memoir, The Skies I’m Under.

As well as published works and my personal blog, I have written articles and blogs for Simple Stuff Works, Scope, PMLD link, Together for Short Lives, Kidz2Adultz, Disabled Children’s Partnership and others.

Themes throughout my writing include communication, co-production, community and how we face life’s challenges. Using nursing knowledge, research and lived experience I have worked with BHTA and others to review their literature and marketing to ensure it reflects the needs and experience of families.

In partnership with Simple Stuff Works, I wrote, developed, edited and produced a series of animations about postural care. These animations were ‘Highly Commended’ in the British Healthcare Trade Association Awards 2017 for accessible marketing.

BHTA award


My second book, Shattered, was written alongside my husband, Tim. Published by CWR, it uses 40 reflections to walk with someone going through life with the feeling that it just isn’t going the way they expected.

In addition I have contributed to the Baptist Times, and Patrick Regan’s most recent book ‘Honesty over Silence‘.

I am deeply passionate about shaping the way the church views people with disabilities and how we as a church reflect God’s passion for all people. Being the parent of a child with a life-limiting condition has deepened and broadened my view of a God who values rather than pities. Of a faith which celebrates community and interdependence above independence. In a belief that although God does not want us to suffer, our brokenness can be used to become one of the most powerful and beautiful parts of living well.

If you would like more information or to commission me to write for your business, charity or service, or provide consultancy on literature written for families of children with complex needs, then please use the contact form below.