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What happens when life falls apart?

What do you do with the broken pieces of your dreams?

Many of us find ourselves living an unexpected life. One we didn’t envision or plan for, one that doesn’t appear to reflect the life we hoped God had planned for us. Rachel returned from working abroad as a nurse with her husband doctor, Tim. Their life is unfolding with reassuring predictability until Rachel found herself sitting in the darkness of a newly decorated nursery, unable to feel her unborn baby move. Suddenly everything was turned upside down as their newborn teetered on the brink of life and death.

Through this seminar Rachel will share the heartbreak and hope of her story and in turn help you explore and define your own story.

So often our lives don’t match expectations because of loss, grief, career changes or relationship breakdown. Through this seminar, Rachel will use kinaesthetic and interactive ways to engage participants with the truths of hope and pain that God has given us, equipping us to live the life we have, rather than the one we anticipated.