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Everything has changed. Now we must reimagine practice post-Covid-19 to communicate with families of those with complex needs.

About this Event

Social distancing, isolation, shielding have all become common words across the globe. How has Covid-19 affected our ability to communicate with families of those with complex needs? The Disabled Children’s Partnership research has highlighted that families in lockdown are suffering.

The challenge for practitioners across health, education and social care is to provide connected, meaningful and evidence based service which meets the needs of families where they are.

After a hugely successful presentation at the international eHealth Summit this inspiring CPD accredited study* day explores;

  1. Families’ lived experience (including in lockdown)
  2. Telehealth: Pale imitation or colossal opportunity?
  3. Communication and co-production with families
  4. The challenge of reimagining: Is resilience a personal endeavour or responsibility of the system?
  5. How professional practice and service provision can be reimagined in a post-covid world.

Provides 7 hours CPD accredited training (On-line training 9.30am-1.30pm BST)

This Born at the Right Time Course is hosted by Founder Rachel Wright, Lucy Parr and Sarah Clayton, CEO Simple Stuff Works.

Rachel Wright (BSc) is a qualified nurse and unqualified mum of 3, parenting a son with complex disabilities and life-limiting epilepsy. Author (The Skies I’m Under), award winning blogger, speaker, trainer and founder of Born at the Right Time. She’s passionate about effective communication, co-production, community and embracing life’s challenges. An expert through lived experience, Rachel works towards bridging the gap between families of children with complex conditions and the practitioners who support them. Occasionally she ties on her trainers and runs in a vague attempt to counteract her love for Salt ‘n Vinegar crisps, hummus and all things carbohydrate. Her middle son is currently writing a book titled, “My mum’s epic fails” (it is likely to have more than one volume).


Sarah Clayton (BSc, PGCE) is passionate about all things postural care. Sounds dull but it turns out that her passion translates into highly contagious enthusiasm. She’s a biologist and qualified teacher with over 20 years’ experience of working alongside families of children with complex needs. Her life’s mission is to reduce avoidable complications such as hip dislocations and scoliosis. She has developed a range of accredited training courses accessible to health, social care and education practitioners. When her daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour aged 6 she suddenly became part of ‘one of those families’. Sarah has three other children, works full time and can regularly be found wearing her jumper inside out.


Lucy Parr (BSc, MSc) is currently studying for a Doctorate in educational and community psychology. One of her four children has a rare chromosomal disorder resulting in multiple complex needs. After years as a stay at home parent, she returned to university to gain a First Class honours which resulted a nomination as National Student of the Year 2018. She completed an MA in Oxford and is now studying as an Educational Psychologist. She’s a non-preachy vegan, saltwater soul who loves the sea, a cleaner upper of many shituations and has now got to the stage of life where she needs to moisturise her elbows.

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