I don’t find it easy seeing my shape change. My body feels as though it no longer belongs to me as I watch it expand. I’m startled when I see myself in the mirror but I don’t need my reflection to tell me it’s all different. My body has other ways of letting me know I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy.

1) Everything touches

Body parts that were once blissfully unaware of each other have now struck up a friendship. When I sit my boobs now rest on my belly which in turn sits comfortably on my thighs. I’m not used to these things touching.

2) Squeezing my body between furniture

Turning sideways no longer helps me fit through small spaces. If I can’t make it with my hips then I have no hope with my bulging tum.

3) Frog impression

Putting on a pair of socks or shoes requires an elaborate frog impression. My knees jut out sideways as though I’m doing breaststroke through the air. Shoes are no longer chosen for their colour or style but ease of putting on.

shoe choiceWear-ability is graded accordingly;

Slip-ons are odds on favourite because I don’t even need to bend down.

Zipped winter boots are questionable as I’m not sure my hips can cope with the frog impression.

Lace-ups, well as appealing as my trainers are they are simply too much effort.


4) Indigestion

No longer resigned to an after-dinner over eating frenzy, indigestion is unleashed to wreck havoc morning, noon and especially loves coming out at night.

5) Hungry to Full in 6.4 seconds

One minute I could eat a house and after four mouthfuls I’m stuffed (only to be seeking out food thirty minutes later).

6) Groans and Moans

My every move now involves a symphonic sound track of groaning and moaning. I find myself grunting each time I’m required to lower myself into or extract myself from a chair. Instinctively my left hand finds itself rubbing my lower back as I waddle from place to place.

So how do you, or have you, coped with the changes in the third trimester of pregnancy? What signs told you that the third trimester had arrived?