Doors and Whitewashed walls

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This week I stepped in the door of a local Rotary club meeting and received a warm welcome. My husband sorted the kids for school while I sat down, ate breakfast and pretended to be a grown up for a couple of hours. The people I met were really friendly and they listened intently to my story [...]

News…where have I been ?

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You may or may not have noticed it's been a while since my last blog, but I have news. I've been doing a Kate Sadly, not the immaculate hair, smooth skin and a perfect figure but rather I have spent an extensive amount of time crouched over examining the finer details of my toilet bowl. I [...]

Moments of Summer

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The school bell tolled at the end of term. With boxing gloves in each hand, I heard my coach shout over the furore of the crowd.  I was ready. The referee called us to the centre of the ring as I excitedly bounced on my tiptoes keen to begin. Finally, I lifted my head to see [...]

Snot, libraries and success

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I've been wondering: what does success look like? Take a trip to the library. It would start with me wondering up the road on a bright sunny day, listening to the birds sing, feeling carefree and spring-like. I chat to both my boys about the fun we've already had, doing crafts and baking earlier in the [...]